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You have the education.
You have the required years of experience.
And now you’re ready to take your career in project management to the next level by adding those coveted three letters to your credentials – PMP.

Because failing is not an option for an ambitious goal-getter like you, you want to make sure you have all the tools, resources and study aids you need to pass the exam. And if you’ve been scouring the internet for reliable study guides, know that your search ends right here with the FREE eBook, Start From Scratch: 21 Need to Knows Before Studying for the PMP Exam.

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Meet Lorna Davis
Founder of The Project Maverick

I’m Lorna Davis, founder of The Project Maverick and author of the eBook that’s going to change your life if you’re a goal-seeking project manager.

With over 15 years of experience in business management, project planning, service delivery and relationship management, I know all about navigating and climbing the ladder in the PMP industry.

I also know how hard it can be to gain the recognition, accolades and salary you deserve in such a cut-throat sector. For that reason, I launched The Project Maverick to serve as a go-to resource for women who want to catapult their project management careers – all without sifting through a bunch of Google pages or trying to figure it out on their own.

My latest FREE eBook, Start From Scratch: 21 Need to Knows Before Studying for the PMP Exam, is just one example of my commitment to not just seeing you win as a project manager but doing everything I can to ENSURE YOU WIN!

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Listen, in such a massive sea of millions of project managers, becoming PMP- certified is how you can cut through the noise and finally gain the recognition and top salary you deserve as a project manager.

Now, with something that plays such a vital role in catapulting your career, you do NOT want to wing it or go in thinking you’ll automatically pass the exam because you have stellar project management skills.

You see, some of the sector’s top project managers have failed the exam because they went in thinking they’d pass it with flying colors merely because they know their jobs inside and out.

Don’t let that be you.

Get the FREE eBook that outlines everything you need to know about getting PMP-certified and maps out exactly what to expect so you can study for and increase the likelihood of passing the exam (the first time around).

FREE Download

Get the FREE eBook that other project managers are using to study and pass the PMP Exam (on the first try).

Inside this FREE eBook, I reveal:
  • The 21 career-impacting, insider secrets many in the project management industry won’t tell you (but I will).
  • The next-level resources you’ll need to use if you’re serious about rising up as a top project manager and gaining the coveted credentials you need to become an employers’ sought-after choice.
  • Real been-there-done-that guidance on how to study for and get PMP- certified (without needing to retest multiple times).
  • So many more tips, study hacks and PMP certification secrets you’ll need to get the eBook to check out for yourself.
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FREE Download

Start From Scratch

The 21 career-impacting, insider secrets many in the project management industry won’t tell you - but I do in this eBook.